Considering Buying, Selling, or Leasing?

Consult with us before you do!

Consult with Us

Before You Make a Commercial Real Estate Investment

Whether you are considering buying, selling, or leasing space – if you have any concerns, need clarification, or simply want a professional opinion, we can help you.

These issues come in many forms.

For example, you may feel a rate is too high and wonder if it is fair market value. Or you may own a building with multiple spaces for lease, or a multi-family property, and you’re unsure what the market rates are currently for your property. Do you need assistance determining a sale price? Do you have questions about what choices you may have for your property?

Miller Consulting Group can conduct a comprehensive study of the property, survey rentals and sales, and provide you with a report on similar properties along with our recommended sale or lease price.

These are just some of the additional services we can assist you with on your property:

  • Lease versus Buy or Sell Analysis
  • Specialized Broker Price Opinions
  • Lease Option Services
  • Site Selection
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Real Estate Investment Cash-Flow Analysis
  • Consulting – Business Opportunity – We provide in-depth expertise in this area

If you have Commercial Real Estate and an active business, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of both, to provide you with insight to make intelligent decisions for your business assets.